March 25, 2023
Best small town business ideas

Business ideas for small towns – 2022. Life outside the metropolis is not without chances for business success. Rather, on the contrary: small towns provide entrepreneurial people with a lot of opportunities.

The needs of a small city are the same as those of residents of a large agglomeration. Opening a grocery store, taking out the trash, or taking care of pets can be profitable activities anywhere. In addition, starting a business online provides access to a global market.

Here are 70 business ideas for a successful start-up entrepreneur in a small town. Also, do not miss our instructions on how to open a business from scratc, where we step by step analyze what steps the launch of a new business consists of.

Business Ideas for Small Towns

Whether you’re planning to start your own business or looking to take on a part-time job to earn extra income, doing business outside of the big city promises a plethora of benefits.

1. Resell sneakers online

Reselling sneakers is a source of really big income and a great business idea even for a small town.

Many people sell valuable collectible pairs with no idea of ​​their true value. If you learn to identify these sneakers and buy them at low prices, you can sell them for much more.

Professionals make six-figure sums from this.

2. Internet marketing and advertising agency

Any business needs marketing and advertising to grow and earn more. You can help entrepreneurs in your city and build your own small business. You can read about how I created the FireSEO agency and how I develop it in my telegram channel .

3. Animal training

Business idea - dog training

The animal world opens up many business opportunities.

If you easily get along with wildlife and enjoy working with people and their pets, animal training is the perfect business idea for you.

You can train a watchdog to follow basic commands, or train a hunting dog to pick up dead pheasants or ducks.

Driving and training horses is a suitable activity for a specialist in riding. Surely it will be more popular in a small town than in a metropolis.

Working with animals guarantees a stable income due to the presence of a constant clientele. After all, pets often become regular customers. People show a special selectivity in relation to those who are trusted with their four-legged companions. Having proven yourself well from the first days of work, you will be able to realize one of the best business ideas for a small town.

4. Computer training

Help grandparents keep in touch with their grandchildren by teaching them how to perform certain operations on the Internet.

In small towns there are always several categories of people who need different types of computer services.

The more skills you can teach them, the wider your customer base will be. In addition, you can return to old customers to teach them something new.

Since the range of clients may be limited in small towns, take advantage of the advantages of nearby settlements. 

5. Hospitality/rental business

Small town bed and breakfast owners have no shortage of clients. Such guest establishments, as a rule, are more in demand outside the big city.

Create a themed B&B and live off the rent from guests who check in during holidays, dates, family visits, or other events. When you have a decent number of regular customers, consider providing similar services in neighboring cities.

Participation in the life of the local community is an excellent idea that can turn your business plan into a profitable one. You can always count on the fact that the guests of the city will be recommended exactly your institution. You, in turn, will share with tourists everything that your city is rich in.

6. Antique shop

In small towns, there are usually many antique shops.

They work successfully in such places, especially when there is an online platform.

Do some research to find out the best places to sell antiques online. Doubling the chances of winning the target market will allow a combination of online sales with the opening of a physical store in a small city.

7. Bookstore

Business idea - bookstore

Many people still prefer to shop in bookstores rather than online.

If you’re looking for small town business ideas and love books, start your own bookstore that’s welcoming and atmospheric.

You can not only serve the inhabitants of your town, but also collect rare collector’s editions that will attract tourists.

The next stage of development may be your own publishing house. An interesting story on Forbes , how book publishing works in Russia.

8. Bowling club

Who doesn’t love an exciting game of bowling?

Add to it good food, get a license to sell alcohol, organize a league, work late – and you will not end up with visitors 7 days a week!

9. Meeting local needs

In many small towns there is no specific business.

Is there a local grocery store in your town? Or perhaps there is no pet store, gas station, flower shop, car repair shop?

Find an unmet local need. It can be basic or very specific to a specific location. Then develop a business plan for starting a business that offers services needed by the local community.

10. Create a ping pong court

Ping pong is one of the fun that can captivate people of any age.

Set up a ping pong court with a tiny piece of land (or rooms) and earn money by helping other people have fun.

Since this business is low-maintenance, you can work on your niche sites on your laptop along the way.

11. Organization of camping

Build rental cabins, set up a campsite for car travelers, or simply prepare a site for it.

Take possession of an unoccupied piece of land and use it for camping. This is an ideal business idea for a small town, where there are more free territories and their price is lower.

12. Car wash

Business idea - car wash

Many people are seriously concerned about the appearance of their vehicles.

After the initial investment, a good car wash will be as low cost a business as it can be. Therefore, a car wash is one of the most profitable business ideas for passive income in a small town.

Set up a few vending machines, replenishing their stocks daily, and get to work!

13. Manual therapy

Getting high-quality services for the treatment of the spine and the improvement of the whole body in a small town is not an easy task.

It will not be difficult for an experienced chiropractor to earn money in a small town and acquire regular customers.

14. Christmas tree farm

Some people use farmland growing oak or walnut for 40 years. However, a Christmas tree farm is more practical.

Plant several hectares with fir trees, placing them in a checkerboard pattern. Having cut down New Year’s trees from one site, plant it again with seedlings, and next year harvest from another site.

Having completed this cycle, you will receive a tangible income every winter.

The Christmas tree business justifies itself in small towns, since there is usually a lot of land around them. In addition, you can supply Christmas trees to both your city and nearby settlements.

15. Firewood

Providing firewood is one of the pressing problems for residents of urban-type settlements.

Many households here use wood-burning stoves for heating and even cooking. However, not everyone has the time to harvest firewood on their own.

If you are engaged in chopping and delivering firewood, you will surely receive many orders, especially in a small village where such a service is rare.

16. Cleaning services

In any city there are rooms that need cleaning.

In small communities where independence in old age is an important part of the local and family culture, cleaning services are a great source of income.

17. Coffee house / wine bar

Why not combine two small town business ideas into one?

A striking example of such a tandem is a coffee shop / wine bar. Instead of creating just a coffee shop or just a wine bar, create both.

Start your day by opening a coffee shop. After dinner, seamlessly transform the establishment into a wine bar with a relaxed atmosphere.

Having both in one place is the best way to stand out from the competition and add value to a small community.

18. Collectibles Store

Following this idea, you can specialize in one or two areas, or open a general store for collectibles that will attract many locals.

Collectors are passionate people. They are constantly on the lookout for a store that meets their interests. Therefore, opening a collectibles store is one of the business ideas that can fill your town with tourists.

Consider the following options for collector’s items:

  • baseball and football cards;
  • coins and stamps;
  • antiques and memorabilia;
  • comics and games.

The possibilities are endless. Mix and match what you like best and profit!

19. Comic and Game Store

Business idea - comic book store

This type of collectibles store is the most in demand.

Even in remote regional centers there are fans of comics and gaming, and the news about a store created especially for them will scatter for many kilometers.

20. Computer repair/IT support

It is easy to assume that repairing computers, laptops, tablets is not a bad idea, in the absence of fierce competition.

Sell ​​computer equipment, repair it, offer IT support – and you will always be in chocolate.

21. Shop near the house

The so-called “convenience stores”, due to their convenient location, are still popular with residents of small towns.

Having chosen a good place for such a store, sell basic products, snacks, any small items. If you work late (unlike local grocery stores), your chances of attracting customers and making good profits will increase.

This is a great idea for those who know how to communicate with people and strive to become the center of attention in their area.

22. Amusement park

Are you an incredibly creative person?

Choose a free plot of land and create an amusement park on it. Outdoor sculptures, an obstacle course, a hedge maze – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

23. Realization of copyright handicrafts/works of art

You can sell handicrafts and artworks not only at local flea markets or holiday festivals/events, but also through the Internet.

Learn how to sell products on Etsy, eBay, or your own eCommerce store.

24. Electrician on call

You will be surprised to learn how many small towns use the services of electricians who come to customers from 30 or more kilometers away.

Once you get a permit for such a job, you can count on a decent additional income.

25. Food truck

Fast food trucks are needed not only in the metropolis!

In small towns, where there are often not enough good restaurants, auto shops are more than appropriate. In addition, the mobile catering point will allow you to enter the market for the provision of food at various events.

To make your van stand out from the crowd, use fresh farm produce for your snacks and don’t miss out on events like local sports.

The good news about the food truck is that it can be sent to a nearby town if you need extra income.

26. Freelance copywriting

A freelance copywriter can live anywhere in the world.

Copywriting is the perfect small town business idea, although perhaps not the most obvious one.

You can do everything online, working from home, the park, the library – anywhere!

27. Restoration of furniture

Business idea - furniture repair

The preservation of family heirlooms or the restoration of old furniture is required in many district centers and urban-type settlements.

Since new goods are not as readily available in a small town as in large cities, there are more opportunities for this kind of activity.

28. Home master

Are you a craftsman, in whose hands any work argues? Do you know how to fix a broken toilet, sink, drains or door?

A jack-of-all-trades offering home repair services is highly regarded in smaller towns.

You might even get a referral bonus from a plumber or electrician if you can handle a job that is outside of your area of ​​expertise.

29. Green Energy Specialist

Many cities are looking to tackle rising utility bills by switching to clean energy. This also applies to small towns, where more and more business ideas based on green energy are being implemented.

Many farmers and dacha owners are also interested in the rent they can get from their unused land.

This is a rapidly growing industry that provides a wide scope for energy efficient solutions.

30. Glassworks

Glass products are beautiful, unique and often functional.

These goods are highly valued, so it will not be difficult for a master glassblower to become a successful businessman.

Fine decorations, crockery, art glass souvenirs will certainly attract visitors from nearby settlements.

31. Greenhouse

Where to get roses for prom or Valentine’s Day?

A greenhouse, conservatory and/or fruit tree nursery are worthy business options in a small town. You can grow food or supply Flora gifts to your local flower shop.

If you’re a natural gardener, give this one a try!

32. Fitness club

Business idea - gym

The opening of a modern fitness club in a small town or village will be greeted with a bang.

Make it 24/7, with a membership card system, and you’ll be all set. However, keep in mind: the start-up costs for this type of business are quite high.

If you are well versed in mixed martial arts, yoga, martial arts, wrestling or boxing, you can open a specialized section.

33. Car/truck rental

In some cases, you need help in transporting things.

We can talk about transportation from a warehouse and back, transportation of raw materials for an art workshop, delivery of consumables for an enterprise or school.

A large truck requires significant maintenance costs.

If you have a car with a trailer and a permit to drive it, then there will be more opportunities for earning.

34. Ice cream shop

In many regions this is, of course, a seasonal job, but who doesn’t love ice cream?

On hot summer days, a good ice cream shop will be the busiest place in town.

You can even offer several types of fast food a la Dairy Queen to hit two target markets at once and solve the problem with the seasonality of cold dessert.

This is one of those small town business ideas that should be done near a school or on a crowded beach to attract more buyers.

35. Operator for the removal of household waste / landfill

Somewhere they cannot find a suitable business solution. Somewhere such solutions turn out to be staggeringly expensive.

Take care of the removal of household trash, and if there is a piece of unused land in your area, open a landfill to boot.

This business brings surprisingly good income.

36. Landscaping

Business idea - landscape design

Landscaping is not easy, but very rewarding.

If you like to work outdoors and have an eye for detail, it will be easy for you to line up customers in a long line.

37. Liquor store

It is not uncommon for liquor to be purchased at the grocery store. However, many customers rely on a wider selection of alcoholic products and qualified assistance from the owner of a liquor store.

There is almost always a demand for strong drinks, which means that a liquor store is almost always a profitable business.

38. Local blogger and YouTuber

There are many opportunities for an aspiring entrepreneur if he is willing to share his worldly experience with the online universe.

Light up your life from within. Get immersed in small town life.

Not only will you make money from it, but you will also gain the skills to handle more complex and better paying freelancing jobs.

39. Local Museum

Every small town has its own history.

Often much of the local history is fascinating but almost forgotten.

Get funding from the municipal fund to start a local museum and lead its work. Or create your own museum – local history or specialized.

In one ordinary American town, the Lincoln Highway Museum was created with more than 100 road signs from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.

The museum complex attracted everyone’s attention, although it was one low building with a clearly visible outdoor sign.

40. Local tour guide

What is special about your locality? Are there remains of pioneer settlements or ancient burials in it? Or maybe it is famous for its excellent places for fishing, hunting or hiking?

Every city has something to brag about, so why not become a local tour guide?

41. Maintenance/maintenance of the house 

In addition to repairs, homeowners have a lot of household chores.

Climbing stairs to clear clogged drains, repainting a fence, dismantling and repairing door handles in a house is not for everyone, especially an 80-year-old lonely pensioner.

Providing home maintenance services, such as power pipe cleaning, is a great way to make money by helping local people with household chores.

42. Massage

Who can deny themselves a good massage?

Whether it’s a treatment method, deep tissue manipulation, or just a relaxing anti-stress treatment, the massage business has no problem finding clients in any city.

43. Auto mechanic

A good auto mechanic is hard to find.

In many cities, even if there is already an auto repair shop there, another such enterprise will not hurt.

If cars are your passion, take your chance to build a profitable business in a small town.

44. Installation of autonomous power supply

It is one thing to cooperate with large companies to help the district center switch to green energy. Another thing is to build a reliable autonomous network.

And if you are able to do this, then you will certainly succeed in organizing farms and household plots that are self-sufficient in terms of energy supply!

45. Online flipper

Buy any goods at a low price and sell at a higher price!

Whether it’s 100% online deals, retail, or a combination of both, the possibilities are endless.

If you live in an urban-type settlement, you can adapt your outbuildings to store purchased goods.

46. ​​Beauty salon

A beauty salon is a wonderful way to turn the art of makeup and hair care into a profitable business in a small town.

This will ensure that clients look and feel their best.

47. Second hand shop 

A used store is a great option for budget-conscious shoppers who need a lot but don’t have the cash for new items.

Used tools, jewelry, sports equipment, outdoor gear – there are tons of opportunities in this business!

A good second-hand store, like a stock mall, will attract increased attention.

Perhaps your customers will find some valuable antiques here that can be sold online!

48. In the arcade

The arcade arcade is great for kids and adults who are kids at heart.

In a small town with a limited choice of entertainment, this can be used to build a business that brings you profit and joy for others.

49. Paintball/airsoft shop

Business idea - paintball

Paintball and airsoft are mega popular sports. It would make sense to open a store that caters to adherents of each of them.

You can sell sports equipment, build your own playground for players to rent, and even add the service of hosting outdoor gaming tournaments in nearby cities over the summer weekends.

This is a business that will attract a lot of attention, which will certainly affect the final profit.

50. Personal trainer

Help people get fit with proven weight loss strategies or effective gym workouts.

Good personal trainers are highly valued.

51. Pet care

You can look after dogs and cats whose owners are at work during the day, or take them in for a week or two while their owners are on vacation.

Dog walking services are also becoming more and more in demand.

This business will allow an animal lover to receive not only money, but also a lot of positive emotions.

52. Services of specialists in plumbing, ventilation and heating

When a plumber is needed in the house, no one else will help.

In addition to eliminating emergencies, the modernization of central heating and ventilation systems in old houses is an open field for activity.

53. Small Town Revitalization Programs

It is easy to see that many small towns are in decline.

The Small Town Revitalization Program seeks grants, government assistance and private donations to transform urban infrastructure to create an attractive business environment.

To direct urban development in a modern direction, convenient for business, impressive capital investments are required.

By helping small towns secure grants and attract location-independent freelancers, you will become the owner of an extremely profitable business.

54. Pottery shop

Handmade items never go out of style.

Sell ​​your pottery at the local market, set up an Etsy-powered online store, and be sure to visit all the flea markets, festivals, and other events in the area.

You can have a very profitable small business.

55. Internet provider services

The benefits of civilization are important in our lives, while in many remote regional centers they are sorely lacking.

Modern businesses need a flawless internet to attract freelancers and other companies to work with them, as well as provide more opportunities for local residents.

If you can create a company that specializes in this, you will become the owner of a promising business that will have a lot of work in the coming years.

56. Podcasting

Local radio is already yesterday, high-quality podcasting is what the public is interested in today!

Whether podcasts address local topics, provide insight into neighborhood issues, or target a wider audience, there are still plenty of opportunities for podcast creators.

Such a business, even if it is launched in a tiny village, can “shoot” for the whole world.

57. Organic farm

Building an organic farm takes a lot of work. It’s much more difficult than it looks in the Stardew Valley PC game.

However, for ambitious and hard-working entrepreneurs from small towns, organic farming opens up a lot of opportunities.

The focus should be on conquering city and farmers’ markets, as well as contracting restaurants in need of local products.

With a balanced approach, organic farming can bring tangible returns.

58. Small Business Website Development

Today, everyone understands that the presence on the Internet is a necessary condition for the owner of any enterprise.

But understanding this and creating a fully functional website are completely different things.

If you develop effective WordPress sites and are familiar with the basics of SEO, you can become a lifesaver not only for your small town, but for the whole area.

59. Repair of small engines

Every small town needs a specialist in the maintenance and repair of small engines.

Appliances such as lawn mowers, metal blade fans, washing machines and dryers, kitchen appliances, weeders and chainsaws often need to be repaired.

$50-80 for half an hour of work is quite a reasonable price compared to buying a new device.

60. Specialty restaurant or bar

A bar or restaurant in a small town can be an advanced business idea, but it is not so easy to implement it.

If you specialize in something and are ready to create an original establishment (sports bar, Cajun restaurant, etc.), your chances to beat the competition and succeed will increase significantly.

61. Sporting Goods Store

Business idea - sports shop

Not all small towns grow into a sporting goods store. Only a few can afford such a luxury!

Baseball, football, softball, volleyball and basketball are the favorites of the sports world. Target shooting and archery are also at the peak of popularity.

Sports are loved everywhere, so a sporting goods store that can meet local needs has every chance of success.

62. Publication of a local newspaper

Printed periodicals are no longer as popular as they used to be, but in many small towns online newspapers are appearing, which are very popular with residents.

In addition to earning income from paid listings and advertising, you can count on ongoing municipal funding.

Many understand the importance of having a local newspaper, both print and online.

63. Stock photographer and videographer

Business idea - photography

Stock photos and videos are extremely popular.

Small cities and towns provide many opportunities for shooting animals, landscapes, houses, people.

Talented stock photographers and videographers are constantly selling the rights to use their masterpieces. Why not turn your passion for photography and videography into an additional business or a source of passive income?

64. Renting out warehouse space 

Renting space to store things or goods is a great business that does not require much effort after the start-up costs.

This type of activity is especially advantageous in places where land is a bit cheaper.

65. T-shirt printing

Local schools, sports teams, hobby clubs and other organizations will never give up on a unique dress code. T-shirts with prints are what you need in this case.

Print T-shirts for the local market and learn how to sell them online to increase your income.

66. Construction of microhouses

Compact modular homes are low-cost real estate that allows you to be free of rent and have a salable asset.

By building these houses, you will secure an impressive business in a small town with the possibility of receiving serial orders.

67. Tutoring services

If you have teaching ability, tutoring can be a very lucrative business.

By offering online lessons, you will get the most out of it.

68. Thrift store 

There are always a lot of buyers in second-hand stores who want to buy clothes, appliances, antiques, and jewelry at discounted prices.

Here, as a rule, a stream of local residents constantly arrives, especially families with growing children.

For many people, a thrift store is a great way to get rid of old stuff without turning the house into a dump.

69. Housekeeping

Home care services (sometimes with accommodation) are usually needed by families going on vacation.

Usually you need to feed the animals, maintain the house in good condition, collect mail and mow the lawn.

This service allows hosts to relax away from home and avoid the stress of returning.

70. Personal assistant online

Many people claim that the work of a virtual assistant brings them great satisfaction.

With reliable internet, this is a sure way to make money in a small town without formal employment.

71. Resale tickets

Mediation in the purchase of tickets is one of the long-known ways to make money.

With the advent of online ticket sales, this type of entrepreneurial activity has become much more efficient. Buy tickets at low prices, sell them to fans at high prices and make a profit.

Use technology to your advantage

Whatever business you decide to open, the use of technology will allow you to get the most out of it.

Many businesses that failed in small towns could thrive if they were properly represented online.

Small provincial towns have something to offer the consumer. In addition, residents of such cities willingly visit business enterprises located in the vicinity.

Remember: a well-thought-out online presence can turn even a weak business idea for a small town into a mega-successful project!

Best small town business ideas

To start a profitable business in a small town, you have many opportunities.

Not only large agglomerations give carte blanche to a profitable business. Working hard, supplying people with essential goods or providing them with socially significant services, one can achieve success in a small city.

If you feel an entrepreneurial spirit in yourself, do not give up, even if you live “in the middle of nowhere”.

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