March 23, 2023

How to get more views on YouTube? If you are here, you are probably looking for the answer to this question. Right now, it’s not always easy for new content creators to break into the platform. It is necessary both to comply with the algorithm’s requirements and those of the public, which is more and more demanding in terms of the videos it consumes. Fortunately, there are techniques to boost the popularity of your channel and increase the number of views of a YouTube video. I share with you the 10 best here! 

#1. Make thumbnails that stand out

One of my first tips for getting more views on YouTube is to create engaging thumbnails. A thumbnail is a bit like the YouTube channel’s showcase: it must make users want to click on the video!

There are several rules to follow to make beautiful, engaging thumbnails. Already, your thumbnail must be clear and pleasing to the eye and give an overview of the subject discussed. You can put text (it’s even recommended); just make sure it’s readable, brief, and impactful. 

It is customary to avoid white and red, which are the colors of YouTube: your videos may then blend into the landscape. Bright colors like orange, green, blue or yellow are more likely to catch the eye. And, of course, the colors must match your branding !

2. Use Maps and End Screen to Get More YouTube Views

It’s also in YouTube’s interest that its content creators keep viewers as long as possible. The platform, therefore, provides two very practical little tools to help you hold your audience’s attention: “cards” and end screens. 

Cards are kinds of pop-ups displayed at the top right during video playback at a time predefined by YouTubers. If the Internet user clicks on it, this interactive window sends him to another video on the same channel or to a playlist. 

The end screen works on the same principle, except that it appears at the end of the video. These are two very effective ways to redirect viewers to its other content and thus increase its number of views and session time.

#3. Master your SEO on YouTube and Google

YouTube is primarily a search engine, which means that its algorithm uses different criteria to rank videos in search results. If you want to appear first and get views on YouTube, you need to master SEO tricks. 

Optimizing the SEO of a video on YouTube is based on 2 main elements:

  • The keywords you will put in the title and description. Do not choose them randomly: they must correspond to the queries (preferably high volume) typed by users in the search bar. 
  • Tags or labels are also YouTube keywords used to categorize a video and tell YouTube what it’s about. They should include the main query, variations, and more general categories.  

But these are not the only factors that come into play! There is also :

  • The engagement rate is related to the video’s number of comments, likes, and shares.
  • Watch time, which is the average amount of time viewers spend on your video.
  • Session time is the overall amount of time a person will spend on YouTube after watching one of your videos. 

All this also applies to SEO on Google, although it has its own criteria and does not necessarily display the same results as YouTube. A strategy that works well is to repeat your main query aloud several times during the video, as well as include a transcript in the subtitles.

#4. Appear in suggestions thanks to metadata

You get it, so there’s a lot of keyword research to do if you want to rank on YouTube. But it can also help you get referenced in the video suggestions on the screen’s right side. 

Indeed, YouTube chooses and decides to display these suggestions to people watching a video. To maximize your chances of being chosen, study the tags, titles and descriptions of your direct competitors and incorporate these keywords into your data. 

A word of advice, pay particular attention to your descriptions because that’s really where you can explain the content of the video to the algorithm. To go faster, create a template to reuse each time!

#5. How to get more views on YouTube by optimizing your video titles 

YouTube Video Quality

Wondering how to get more views on YouTube? Know that simply working on the titles of your videos can make a huge difference in boosting your click-through rate! Like the thumbnail, the title is the first thing the audience sees, so it needs to be clear and punchy.

Studies have shown that a title containing parentheses and square brackets is more likely to generate clicks. It should also be quite short, preferably with an average length of between 40 and 50 characters. 

Digits and numbers, especially with list formats, are also popular with users. For example, “top 10 of the best tools…” 5 steps to succeed in… “8 strategies to know…”, etc. The reason? They are precise, concrete, and therefore more meaningful. 

#6. Share your YouTube videos on your blog and forums

Do you have a blog that is doing well and driving traffic? So don’t hesitate to integrate your videos into your articles! On the one hand, it’s good for your website’s SEO (Google likes interactive articles); on the other, it will help you get more YouTube views. 

The places that we do not necessarily think of our online community networks: Facebook groups, Reddit, forums of specialized websites, etc. There, Internet users ask questions on various subjects: the perfect opportunity for you to answer them by publishing your videos.

#7. Promote on social media to get more YouTube views

Social networks are also your best allies for promoting your YouTube videos. With each new release, inform your subscribers on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., account. Please note that their algorithms tend to hide videos from third-party platforms such as YouTube. 

A small technique to know is, therefore, to extract a clip and upload it directly to the platform as a sort of teaser. Then post the link to the full YouTube video in the comments. 

#8. Make good use of playlists on your YouTube channel


Want another great tip on how to get more views on YouTube? Use playlists! Playlists, which involve grouping your videos by theme, are great tools to keep your audience on your channel longer.

Indeed, they make it possible to automate the playback of several videos continuously without the user needing to click. They are also very good ways to better rank your channel by adding a keyword in their titles. 

Depending on your niche, it may also be interesting to strategically name your playlists with your motivating, call-to-action, and SEO-oriented titles. For example, instead of a name like “Productivity Tips,” you can write “How to become more productive.” 

9. Be featured on the homepage 

It is proven (and it makes sense) that YouTube videos on the homepage concentrate more views than others. Easier said than done, you tell me! Because it is the platform that decides which YouTubers it wants to highlight. 

That said, there are still a few tactics to maximize your chances. Already know that YouTube tends to favor two things: novelty and popularity. The second you release a new video, work hard to promote it. 

Social networks, newsletters, emails, blog articles… in short, use all the channels available to promote your video to the public. It is crucial that you act quickly, within 48 hours of its release. 

The last tip, try to determine at what time of the day your audience connects the most, just to make the video release coincide there.

#10. Make partnerships and competitions

We end with an important point for your marketing strategy: organizing contests and partnerships. Contests are indeed very effective in improving the engagement of your viewers, increasing the notoriety of your channel and, therefore, its number of views and subscribers! 

For partnerships, contact other channels with a theme similar to yours and offer them to collaborate together. You can exchange videos or shoot one together. People love it, and it helps you reach other audiences!

Conclusion on how to get more views on youtube

There you go; the platform now has no more secrets for you! Knowing how to make views on YouTube and gain subscribers comes under various tips and strategies to put in place. All you have to do is test them and be patient: as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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