March 24, 2023
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Many girls are sure that while on maternity leave or working at home, it is impossible to keep the body in perfect shape, since you have at hand the main “enemies” of a beautiful figure – sweets, starchy foods, fatty foods.

But in fact, if you set a goal to lose weight of extra pounds at home, you will definitely achieve it using a special weight loss program.

Where to begin?

Get rid of harmful products . Before you start a “new life”, you need to get rid of all the “temptations” that slow down the process of losing weight. These are foods with a high glycemic index. Among them:

  • dairy products with a fat content of more than 5%;
  • cheeses, sausages, smoked meats;
  • sweets, cookies, cakes, pastries;
  • grapes, bananas;
  • jam and pickles;
  • fat meat;
  • butter;
  • seeds.

These products provoke appetite and, accordingly, weight gain. By excluding them, you will be less tempted to eat stress or eat two or three cookies with a cup of coffee or tea for a little pampering.

We are reviewing the food system . The first step to a beautiful and slim figure is proper nutrition. Its basis should be products with a high content:

  • proteins: chicken breast, low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, legumes, fish;
  • complex carbohydrates: cereals (rice, buckwheat, wheat, bulgur), whole grain bread, durum wheat pasta, vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, beets, zucchini), fruits (everything except grapes and bananas).

Based on these products, you can cook healthy, juicy, aromatic dishes. For example, stewed chicken breast with vegetables, salads of tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, cereals seasoned with fresh tomato sauce. You can experiment with different tastes and recipes endlessly, especially since now finding tips for preparing balanced meals on the Internet is a matter of a couple of minutes.

Choosing the right mood . The main mistake of losing weight is that they want to get rid of 3-5 kilograms in a couple of days. And for this they are ready to starve and exhaust themselves with hard training. As a result, when the scale needle moves a few notches to the left, you rush to the refrigerator to treat yourself to your favorite desserts or, even worse, salads with mayonnaise.

Now this story is in the past, and ahead is a long and hard work on your own body. And you need to convince yourself that the path to an ideal appearance will not last two or three days and not until the first loss of kilograms, but all your life, since your goal is a strong, beautiful, healthy body. Unfortunately, it is impossible to “build” it in a week. And the scheme “weight loss – habitual way of life – re-gaining weight” clearly does not work.

We set goals . In home weight loss, an important role is played not only by motivation, but also by competent work with goals.

If your global goal is to lose 20 kg, then getting rid of 2-3 kg within a week will bring neither joy nor satisfaction from the process, since you will be sure that the weight is almost at the same place, and the desired goal is still very far away.

Nutritionists and fitness trainers recommend breaking down the path to ideal weight into stages – for a month, two, three, and determining the number of kilograms that you should get rid of. Let’s say you set a goal to lose weight by 2 kg in 2 months, and when you see this awnings mark, then you will get both motivation and inspiration, and then easily continue moving to the next mark.

By the way, setting intermediate goals not only serves as a powerful motivator, but also disciplines. If you know that in a month or two you need to lose three kilograms, then you will make every effort to see the right number on the scales. Also, this “beacon” will make you grab your head when you have your favorite sweets, pies, ice cream and other goodies in front of your eyes, which you refused for the sake of a toned body.

Live actively . If you are losing weight, this does not mean that you need to stay at home or avoid crowded places in order not to eat forbidden foods or drink an extra glass of wine.

The bottom line is that sometimes we replace the lack of pleasant emotions and impressions with food, and it’s time to get rid of this habit: go to parks, to the cinema, go for walks with friends, arrange trips to nature and picturesque corners. And in general, make it a rule not to spend the weekend at the TV or computer, but to arrange trips to new places and meetings with friends. Pleasant emotions will be much more. Yes, and obsessive thoughts about food will not visit you as often as before.

Revisiting habits . A glass of red dry wine on Friday evening is a great gift for both blood vessels and the nervous system. You will relax after a busy week of work, calm down, put your thoughts in order, and most importantly, the figure will definitely not suffer from such a dose.

But another thing is wine, cognac, martini, champagne and other alcoholic drinks that you drink “for company”, “to relieve stress” or because you didn’t have the best day. Such behavior during weight loss is unacceptable, because along with relaxation, you get plus 300-500 kcal and nullify all the efforts over the past week. In addition, after a glass of beer or semi-sweet wine, you wake up a huge appetite, and you sweep everything from the shelves of the refrigerator.

Another enemy is smoking. In addition to bad breath, plaque on the teeth and a rough voice, you get “blockage” of blood vessels, shortness of breath, lethargy and irritability. If you intend not only to lose weight, but also change the quality of life, then give up cigarettes in favor of health and beauty.

It is necessary to carry out both psychological preparation and cleaning the kitchen of harmful products 2-3 days before the start of the program in order to gradually accustom yourself to the fact that a new stage will soon begin in your life.

Sleep for 7-8 hours . When we hear that for successful weight loss you need to sleep at least seven hours a day, we do not feel a special relationship between these nuances. In fact, only during sleep, our body is fully restored, and if we have fulfilled this condition, then in the morning we feel a surge of strength and energy, which is enough for household chores, and for sports, and for productive work.

And one more thing: if you slept only 5-6 hours, then the body will require an additional portion of vegetables, fruits or foods high in glucose in order to “hold on” for 12-14 hours in good shape. And we remember that extra calories always turn into extra pounds on our waist, hips and stomach.

Losing weight at home: how to eat right?

Many of us have heard the phrase: “To lose weight, you have to eat.” This is true. But you need to choose the menu and form a diet wisely.

For girls who sit at the computer screen all day, the best option is 5-6 meals a day:

  • breakfast;
  • lunch;
  • dinner;
  • afternoon tea;
  • dinner.

This is the only way you will get rid of the habit of “chewing” in front of the computer when you review the news feed on social networks or check your mail. And one more note: eating in front of a laptop or tablet is strictly prohibited, since the center of the brain responsible for saturating the body at this moment is focused on distractions – photos, posts, correspondence with colleagues or friends on social networks.

It is better to leave your desk to the balcony or kitchen, where there are no gadgets and TV, and focus entirely on food.

There is a category of women who do not have such a luxury as an independent choice of time for breakfast, lunch and dinner, because their life revolves around a child. And it is extremely difficult to allocate time not only for sleep, but also for a meal. In this case, you need to choose a time when the baby is sleeping or busy with toys so that you can eat in peace.

When losing weight at home, it is important not only the time of eating, but also the distribution of products.

Nutritionists recommend eating about 20-30% of carbohydrates in the morning, as we have time to waste them. But in the late afternoon, it’s better to “lean on” protein products in order to avoid an increase in appetite and give the body a portion of useful components.

A sample meal plan for the day looks like this:

  • breakfast: scrambled eggs or oatmeal with honey and grated apple;
  • second breakfast: tea or coffee with cottage cheese;
  • lunch: vegetable soup or boiled breast with salad;
  • afternoon snack: a serving of vegetables or fruits;
  • dinner: baked fish or meat with fresh vegetable salad.

The set of dishes may vary depending on your culinary preferences and body characteristics: if you are allergic to lactose, egg yolk, fructose, then it is advisable to refuse products containing these components and replace them.

There are also ready-made food kits for weight loss delivered to your home or office. For example, a ready-made diet for a week:

Particular attention should be paid to the drinking regimen. Drinking 1.5-2 liters of purified water per day (in addition to tea, coffee, fruit juices), you will not only improve your metabolism, but also get a number of pleasant “bonuses”:

  • cleanse the intestines of toxins;
  • get rid of rashes and acne on the skin;
  • speed up muscle recovery after training;
  • increase the tone of the whole body.

Drink a glass of purified water immediately after waking up, then a glass of pure water 15 minutes before meals and two hours after. By following this pattern of drinking water, you will be able to lose weight and significantly speed up metabolic processes.

How to train at home?

It is quite difficult to force yourself to pump your abs, legs, and back when there is no professional trainer or appropriate equipment nearby. But if you want to have a toned and elastic body, then forget about laziness and set aside 20-30 minutes in your schedule to do:

  • deep squats;
  • lunges;
  • push ups;
  • lifting the body (exercises on the press);
  • slopes.

With these basic exercises, you will strengthen muscles, reduce volume and increase endurance. You can also work out with the stars of aerobics, fitness, crossfit, who have released more than a dozen videos where they show how to properly pump the press, legs, back, and prepared a set of exercises with which you will quickly get rid of excess weight.

But if time allows you to visit the gym or an outdoor stadium located near your home, use this opportunity to properly train your body and get a burst of energy.

What can’t be done?

It is important to always follow the diet and drink, devote time to physical activity, sleep for 7-8 hours – these are the golden rules for those who lose weight at home and strive to find ideal proportions.

But be prepared that on the path to perfection, dangers lie in wait for you, on which the outcome of the entire program depends:

  • Relapses : sometimes giving up a hamburger or candy is not enough strength even for people with iron discipline. Allowing yourself to eat a small piece of candy or a hamburger if you find it difficult to restrain yourself is still possible, because this is the only way to prevent a big “glut”. It occurs when the body received less protein and carbohydrates, and in order to somehow compensate for this, it requires the usual food. After you have eaten sweet or starchy foods, you do not need to arrange a fasting day, go on a strict diet, or completely exclude carbohydrates from food. So you will only harm your body. Ate, enjoyed – and returned to a healthy diet;
  • Temptations : if you live with a husband, parents, a child who are not going to change their diet, then you will have to come to terms with the fact that sweets, starchy foods, seeds will lie in wait for you at every turn. And here you need to turn on the will and remind yourself that there is no more room in your life for the old culinary habits.
  • Skipping Workouts : Make a workout schedule that doesn’t distract you from work or personal life, otherwise you will have to constantly sacrifice physical activity, and without it it is very difficult to achieve an impressive result.

Follow our advice, and in a couple of months you will see how your body has become more elastic, toned and attractive!

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