March 25, 2023
SEO Tools

Automation of processes in the search engine promotion of the site will not only improve the quality of work but also speed up the promotion of the site, minimizing labor costs. Several tools can reduce the cost of hiring additional specialists, such as copywriters, editors, analysts, and link builders, with the help of SEO Tools.

In 2022, many companies left the Russian market, which made it necessary to look for similar tools to automate work.

Below I will tell you about the main tools that help me promote the website.

Yandex Metric SEO Tools

The primary tool for analyzing traffic and conversions. A free Yandex tool that allows you to track traffic dynamics both in Yandex and Google. The tool can segment traffic sources, search phrases, entry and exit pages, and other parameters, allowing you to do more detailed analytics and identify problematic pages and growth points.

Yandex Metrica allows you to analyze behavioral factors. In addition to data on session time and the number of pages viewed, the service compiles a click map and records user actions.

As a drawback of the tool, it can be noted that you can track the dynamics of search phrases only using the Yandex search engine SEO Tools. Since Google encrypts The data (information about search phrases in Google using the Google Search Console).

Google Analytics

Google’s free analytics system, like Yandex Metrica, allows you to track traffic and conversion data, build reports and analyze behavioral factors.

Of the shortcomings – is a more complex interface.

Seo work

A platform designed for data analysis. With the help of Seo tools, you can track the dynamics of the visibility and positions of the site in search engines, evaluate the dynamics of the visibility of competitors, build reports and receive recommendations for improving the site.

You can connect Yandex Metrica, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console to the platform, which allows you to combine more data in one service.

Of the shortcomings – is a paid subscription. However, there are no free analogs where you can analyze a large amount of data.

This platform can be an alternative to the Semrush and Serpstat services currently unavailable to Russian users.

Rush Analytics

A tool for tracking the position and visibility of the site in search engines SEO Tools. Using this tool, you can also build a ranking of topic leaders by the semantic core and evaluate the dynamics of competitors’ visibility.

The service shows the number of requests in the top 3, top 10, and top 30.

The service also has several tools that help collect and form the semantic core: a collection of search hints, clustering search queries, and a Wordstat query parser.

Yandex Webmaster

Webmaster’s tool from Yandex shows information about clicks on search queries, CTR dynamics, error messages, and sanctions from Yandex.

Google Search Console

Google webmaster tool. With the help of Google Search Console SEO Tools, you can track the dynamics of search queries, determine the most popular pages, and identify pages with layout errors and low page loading speed. The service will also warn if Google has sanctioned the site.

Screaming Frog

A site scraping program allows you to scan a resource for duplicate pages, broken links, links with a 301 redirect, and empty pages. Using Screaming Frog, you can evaluate the correctness of the formation of meta tags and the structure of h1-h6 headers.

This tool can be an alternative for professionals working with Netpeak Spider SEO Tools.

PageSpeed ​​Insights

Google service for checking page loading speed. The advantage of the tool is that it gives recommendations to increase page loading speed. The implementation of the service recommendations may not always provide a sharp increase. However, such recommendations can simplify the process of generating developers’ reference terms.

content watch

A tool for checking the uniqueness and volume of text. Using the service, you can carry out both a page-by-page check and a check of the entire site or a selected section of the site.

The SEO Tools shows the percentage of uniqueness, non-unique snippets, and pages where similar text snippets are found.

ReText AI

Service for paraphrasing text. This service allows you to generate text content for the blog, product descriptions and catalog categories, reviews, and general text content for the site. With ReText.AI, you can also generate unique texts and titles for your site based on artificial intelligence.

Also, the service is convenient in working with external links. Using this tool, you can generate texts for placing crowd and article links and text when creating PBN grids.

Another tool helps to increase the percentage of text uniqueness.

Of the advantages – this is the first SEO Tools on the market with no analogs of this level of word processing.

Of the shortcomings – is a paid subscription.


Service for working with text. You can check the text for grammar, readability, and uniqueness.

The main task that this service solves is checking for spam.

Rush Analytics text parser

This tool analyzes the text for the number of occurrences of keywords and compares it with competitors and topic leaders for the specified keywords.

 Based on the results, you can edit the text by adding or deleting specific phrases, adjusting the volume, and adding dilution words.

Also, the text analyzer unloads the title meta tag of the site and its competitors, allowing you to visually compare the tag’s contents.

Keys So

Service for collecting the semantic core and analyzing a competitor with SEO Tools. The service tools allow you to identify relevant competitors in search results and upload keywords for which topic leaders are ranked.

Keys So has an extensive keyword database, allowing you to compose the semantic core as detailed as possible.

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