March 24, 2023
Valentine's Day

My love, this valentine’s message is for you

My love, Valentine’s Day is gloomy this year because you won’t be able to be by my side, but be careful; I’m not going to complain because life has already been very kind to me. I’ve already had my dose of happiness. You should never ask too much! Life gave me a gift when it put you on my way. Since that day, love, the real one, settled in my life, never to leave again.

So even if this long-distance keeps us far from each other, know that I think of you every second that passes. You are in my heart for eternity, so even far away, you are close to me. Thank you, my Antal Hayat; our love is so strong that nothing can disturb our happiness. I love you, and I can’t live without you! Valentine’s Day is coming, and I would like you to know all this, even if you already know it! Thank you, my king, for having been able to fill my heart with such sweet love. Thank you for having protected me until then, for bringing me what I did not have, sincere love.

Without you, the days would be sad and cold simultaneously because this spark that warms my heart since you have been there could not light up, and my heart will also remain sad and cold. My king, thank you for your love and all the reassuring words because only you understood my needs and desires. Thank you for taking me into your heart when you walk away from me.

Don’t forget that day, I’ll look for your face and put a soft kiss on your lips to remind you that I love you even more than last Valentine’s Day.

love poem for her

Romantic poems for Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of romance. Romance and love are active, fiery, and inspired. Valentine’s Day may seem like a holiday imposed by the greeting card, jewelry and flower industries, but the truth is that we embraced it because we recognize and appreciate its purpose. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to ignite our existing relationship with romance, and love with an added dose of romance will result in a stronger, longer-lasting, and much more satisfying relationship.

Poem The doors of your heart

I passed through the doors of your heart,
To soften all its colors,
To pick up your ardor one by one,
And suppress each of your fears.
I will guide your gaze toward the horizon,
The one where there is no betrayal,
The one where life is a song,
Which proudly bears your name,
So that together we visit gently,
The fields of love and happiness.

Poem Each note of your perfume

I learned every note of your perfume,
Remembered every letter of your name,
Scanned the details of your skin,
And got drunk on the taste of your mouth.
Follow without fear the path of my steps,
Never to be cold again,
To keep warm, my love,
The one I offer you without detours.
Make your tomorrow an exception,
With love as your only horizon.

Poem The depths of your gaze

In the depths of your gaze,
Understand the greatness of love,
The one that only rhymes with hope,
And that sings itself forever.
You, my only drug, my litany,
You, who give true meaning to my life,
I will entrust you with each of my dreams,
To offer you the most beautiful truces.
So that our love remains intact,
And that our lives shine with eternal summer.

Poem The sweetness of your kisses

From your intoxicating perfume to the caress of your hands,
I closed my eyes to keep this endless intoxication,
So that our love, over time,
Never fades away with the wind.
So that this pleasure is part of my destiny,
And lays its frame on each of our tomorrows.
How good it is to let me be carried along,
By the gentle warmth and sweetness of your kisses,
Those who know how to be sweetened,
And who reminds me of the brilliance of summer.

Poem Words of love

flavors of love

Because love offers us its flavors,
That it erases all resentment,
I will teach you to close your eyes to fear,
To no longer live to the rhythm of fears.
I’ll give you words of love,
Those we’ll say to each other every day,
Which don’t fear nightfall,
And which rhyme with forever.
With our hands, we will build
Our happiness with a thousand smiles.

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